As an Amateur Community Sports Club we are always trying to fundraise to improve our facillities and provide your children with state-of-the-art equipment and coaching.


We have been fundraising for a while to purchase a full-size sprung floor (similar to those you will see on international competitions). These costs a minimum of £15,000 and although we are getting near our target, any help would be much appreciated.


We have been very successful with the Smarties Challenge where children receive a full tube of Smarties, enjoy them and them commit to filling the tube with 20p pieces. When filled, the tube should contain ca. £12. A great way to contribute to the fundraising at your own pace. If your child would like to start the Smarties challenge, please let us know.


We have a fundraising chart and every fundraising effort is rewarded with a star. At the end of the year, we reward the fundraiser of the year. Will it be you next year?


We have also done some bag packing (the last one raised over £700), raffles and clothes collectiions but always welcome new ideas. If you can help or know of a business who could donate a prize or sponsor us, please get in touch at



We have entered the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund for a chance to win £300 for the club. Please vote here and share as many times as possible (every vote counts). Thank you.